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In 16 schools as I grew up, living in comparable number places, mostly in American Southwest. Most of working life in California. Career in electronics - mostly engineering R&D many companies such as Pertec, Shugart, and Vehicle Security Electronics - other work in surveying and museums. Volunteering for several places including being a member of the staff of Meditation Magazine, Listener for Valley Hot Line, Habitat or Humanity, and at NHMLAC in paleoinverebrates and marine biology crustacea. Experimenter in hobby research in use of microsignals for health. Wrote and published six sci fi novels including "Building Up," "It's Down To Earth," and "Three Species on Lava World." Have several technical papers published on advanced space transportation and utilization, including “Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift To GEO” Space 2002 Robotics 2002 Conference Proceedings, ASCE, 2002, 8-21.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dependence upon others for truth and purpose

"The life of a person who is dependent upon others for truth and purpose is like a ship tossing on the sea. Until the ship's anchor is dropped to the ocean floor, there will be no stability in the rolling waves. Inner truth must be rooted in one's own perceptions and experience; at the gate to the palace of truth, each of us stands alone. Dare to know your own mind - and speak it!"
-----From The Oracle of Changes

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Words Are Birds

... In the end, words are birds and experience the tree they roost in. The power of inner truth is rooted in the tree. Birds come and go. ....
-- Oracle of Changes reading